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Free hand pattern design books. 

All books are 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Click on image to see a larger view.


Mary's fifth book of all new designs that will add life to any quilt. These designs give a detailed description so that every one from the novice to the advanced quilter can master these techniques.  The designs include the 'Melted Jelly Bean Feather', "Lollypops, Sunflowers & Loops', 'Funky Chicken', 'Happy Clam', 'Sea Star', 'Holly Bells', 'Swiss Cheese", 'Sheepish", 'Wavy Daffodils" and more. A total of 22 designs and a Medley of Undulating Designs that include, 'Music in the Air', Inchworm', 'Ribbon Fern', 'Bed Springs' and more.

Price $25.00

Flowers In Motion

A unique book detailing freehand patterns of spring and summer flowers. Mary has used her garden as inspiration for her designs. Each pattern is presented in a manner that allows easy replication on any quilt. Mary's artistic creations Include; Dazzling Dahlia, Almost Pansy, Jumbo Pansy, All Over Pansy, Precious Primrose, Ribbon Iris, Lollipop Sunflower, and Twizzle~Twazzel, plus more.

Price $20.00    

Jelly Bean Jamboree

Mary has done it again. More than 25 new designs. Each design details an easy to follow step by step method so that you can utilize these flowers and bug on your very next quilt. Some of the titles include; Blazing Star flower, G Clef Flower, Wild Blossoms, Trailing Crocus Buds, Sea Flower, Tropical Punch, Peacock Iris, Flutter Bee, Caterpillar, Blooming Sea Breeze, Fairy Bonnet, Peas In The Pod, to name just a few.

Price $20.00    


This unique book details freehand patterns and techniques that allow everyone, from the novice to the experienced quilter, to duplicate each design. POTPOURRI, as the name implies, includes a mixture of designs. The designs range from the whimsical, Cosmic Fish, to the more traditional Ribbon Holly. Other designs include; Rosy Red Radishes, Pumpkin Patch, Trefoil, Fan Flower, Spring Kiss Flower, Alphabet Swirl, Gold Fish, Dancing Feet, Confetti, Tie Fantasy, and Fluttery Butterfly. Also included is a section on how to practice. This section gives some basic ideas and methods to follow that will have you producing that perfect stitch.

Price $20.00    

Plant This In Your Quilt

Spring has sprung and the flowers are starting to grow. Why keep these beautiful flowers out in the yard, bring them inside and plant them in you quilt. Mary's third book contains 25 new free hand designs with the garden in mind. Everything from easy all over designs to elegant inset designs, this book will provide the quilter a vast set of new design options. As with all of Mary's books each design is explained so that everyone from the novice to the experienced quilter can replicate each design. You will love these designs. Mary's artistic creations include; Angel flower, Bleeding Heart, Bunny Swirl, Butter Cup, Celebration Mum, Curly Sunflower, Melted Jelly Bean Daisy, Paisley Pincushion, Fluff Flower, Electric Weeds, Queen Quilting Bee, and Bugs in the Garden, to name a few.

Price $20.00